Igor Moraes

Igor Moraes

Software Engineer

Name: Igor Moraes
Location: Vancouver, CA

Computer scientist with huge experience in software development, focused on web and mobile applications. Full-stack developer since 2013, I have worked on several projects for the Brazilian government, private companies, and startups around the world. In the places I've worked for I have been lead software engineer and project manager.

I entered the world of programming with 14 years old, seeking higher performance in online RPG games. Since then, I focused my studies for programming area and currently looking for accumulating the maximum knowledge and experience in the computing area.


2019 - present

Logitech (Streamlabs team)

Software Engineer

Full-stack developer focused on Laravel and VueJS.

My core responsibilities include working on the core system as a backend engineer to improve the system, develop new features and make streamer's experience as smooth as possible.

- Built multiple features for the Streamlabs platform, using Laravel and Vue.js, providing an essential set of tools to engage, grow and monetize live streamers audiences on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook Live. The system is used by 70% of the streamers nowadays.

- Implemented and maintained multiple streaming widgets, like: AlertBox, StreamLabels, EventList, ChatBox, Donation Goal, Viewer Count, Stream Boss, Polls and Spin Wheel. Integrated to the main streaming platforms.

- Lead developer of integrations between the back-end and the iOS/Android apps of the company.

- Built the Streamlabs Content Hub and University, with an average of 2M hits per month. Integrated with Zendesk and Medium, it's a complete content and customer service solution.

- Developed the user management system, with a complex access control list, where streamers can define moderators for their accounts with different roles and permissions.

- Built the Twitch's Leader board extension and a RESTful API to track the subscriptions, cheerers, gifts, messages and emotes sent to a streamer. Sorted by time ranges.

- Built fully automated CI/CD pipelines on TravisCI for hybrid desktop applications with auto-update using Electron and Express.

2018 - 2019

Engesoftware Technology S.A

Software Architect

- Led systems development using Laravel and Angular for the Brazilian government, mainly the Federal Regional Court of Brazil (TRF).

- Worked with cross-functional partners to create the eSocial, a micro-services based system which unifies the information related to companies and employees of the Brazilian government, involving accounting information, such as social security contributions and payroll.

- Built and deployed overall CI/CD infrastructure utilizing Docker containers, Bitbucket and Bamboo, focusing on high code quality & reliability through SonarQube metrics and executing unit tests.

- Modeled a complex database in Oracle (300+ tables) and a Jobs-based system in Laravel that feeds this database based on data from legacy systems.

- Team management using SCRUM and Atlassian’s solutions (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket).

2017 - 2018

Mudee Properties Inc. (Real State)

Senior PHP Developer

Integrating the backend team of a platform for renting and selling real estate in the state of São Paulo. Dealing with several different challenges and algorithms and contributing to the development of the platform in an agile and efficient way.

- Developer of the platform and dashboard panel of the Real Estate using Laravel.

- Development and implementation of inference and intelligence algorithms.

- Worked mainly in the maintenance, and the development of new software components of the platform;

- Also dealing with business logic, and business-related concerns, like the platform architecture and business strategies;

- Main tech stack was Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, NodeJS, Angular, PHP and others;

2014 - 2018

Trídia Creation And Software Development

Full-stack Developer

- Lead engineer who implemented several websites, modules, plugins, and components for projects using CMS Joomla! & Wordpress (PHP, JavaScript, jQuery.

- Developed multiple Ionic hybrid mobile apps for association companies, including features such as forums, newsletters, forums, polls/votes, event subscriptions and attendance control. Fully connected to their institutional websites through RESTful APIs (Laravel & Lumen).

- Developed an API Gateway & Manager for mirroring data between third party systems and Joomla applications.

- Implemented a complex event registration systems and member management, with an easy-to-use Payment module which connects to major Payment Gateway companies in Brazil.

- Created a system of Olympic games with the management of diverse modalities, disputes of matches, real-time results.

Volunteer Experience

2015 - 2016

Decision Making Technologies Laboratory (Latitude)

Software Engineer and UX (User Experience) Designer

Collaborator at the Research Project UIoT (Universal Internet of Things) of the Network Engineering Department at Latitude Laboratory, for the research, development and creation of a unified and open source IoT middleware + architecture.

- Application layer developer using PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 / CSS3.

- Responsible for the documentation of the CMS specifically developed t the project.

- Tester and creator of unit tests.


2018 - 2019

MBA, Software Architecture

IGTI, Institute of Management and Information Technology

MBA focused on the development of architectural requirements for software construction, application of architectural standards in various application's integration scenarios, software architectural modeling and documentation, and technical team leadership in software projects.

- Principles and Practices in Software Architecture

- Innovation and Design Thinking

- Mobile Devices' architectures

- Software Architecture's analysis and design

- Application Integration's Architectures

- Web Systems' Architectures

- Service Oriented Architectures

- Development of Architectural Requirements

- Agile Project Management

- Architectural Modeling and Documentation

- Principles of Distributed Systems

2015 - 2018

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

UniCEUB, Centro Universitário de Brasília

Term paper: a code generator based on the structure of a JSON or the modeling of a database. Which greatly accelerate the development process, generating the API code, generating complete CRUDs with their respective frontend screens, generating code documentation as well as unit testing.

Enabling developers to spend time only with the parts that really matter in the application, in the business rules of the system.

Complementary Training

Licenses & Certifications














eSocial - TRF (Federal Regional Court of Brazil)

CONAMAT - Anamatra

AJUFE - Mobile App

AJUFE - Association of Federal Judges of Brazil


ANAMATRA - Mobile App

ANAMATRA - National Association of Labor Justice Magistrates

ANPT - National Association of Labor Prosecutors

Major Seminary of Brasilia

ASSEMAE - National Association of Municipal Sanitation Services

Media Center FNP (National Front of Mayors)

EMDS - Meeting of Municipalities with Sustainable Development

FNP - Events Mobile App

FNP - National Front of Mayors

STM - Superior Military Tribunal of Brazil

Saint Joseph Parish

Our Lady of Fatima Parish

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